The Harpham Civil Parish is located in the East Wolds and Coastal Ward of the East Riding of Yorkshire and is formed by the village of Harpham and the hamlets of Lowthorpe and Ruston Parva. It covers some 2,100 hectares, contains 140 properties and has about 310 permanent residents based on the 2021 UK census.

The Harpham Parish Council is tasked with representing, without favour nor prejudice, the interests of this community as part of the lowest tier of UK local government.  The present parish councillors and their roles are listed below.  All reside in the parish, are unpaid, and have either been elected by the community, or co-opted to serve on the parish council until May 2027.

Mr. J.C. Burdass (Vice Chair)
Mr. I. W. Burdass
Mr. D. Burkill

Mr. S. Harrison (Chair)

Mrs K. Musgrove
Mrs. S. Ostler

The statutory roles of secretary and treasurer of the Council are jointly performed by our Clerk, Mrs Anne Tyler who is a paid, part-time employee of the Council. She ensures that we observe the laws and procedures that apply to the running of all parish councils, and is responsible for enacting our decisions and for receiving and issuing correspondence on our behalf. She is also the formal point of contact for any matter you wish to raise with us and can be contacted via any of the methods listed below.

01262 488702 Email