Misuse of Railway Level Crossings

The Mingledale level crossing on Out Gates has been much mentioned in the national and regional news over the last few days, following the release of CCTV footage by Network Rail showing its shocking and reckless misuse by some individuals.

The footage shows several instances of incredibly dangerous behaviour, all of which could have resulted in fatal or life changing consequences for those involved, given that trains often pass through this crossing on their way between Bridlington and Driffield at speeds up to 70 mph.

“The behaviour we have seen at Mingledale and Harpham level crossings is deeply concerning and shows that people are completely oblivious to the dangers they are putting themselves and their friends in.

More people are exercising outdoors during the summer, and may be taking new, unfamiliar routes, but the railway is not a photo opportunity and it is never safe to stop or hang around on the tracks.

It is crucial that people take extra care to cross quickly and directly, once they’ve checked it is safe.”

Vicki Beadle, Operations Risk Advisor for Network Rail

So please remember the Department of Transport advice concerning the use of a level crossing:

  • Concentrate – it’s easy to get distracted, especially by phones, music and conversation.
  • Stop, look and listen. Follow signs and instructions.
  • Check both ways before crossing – if there is a train coming, don’t cross.
  • Understand the warnings (lights, barriers, alarms).
  • Cross quickly, keeping children close and dogs on a lead.